Short term: This type of counselling is ideal if you have a specific issue that you are wanting to work on, or goal that you want to accomplish.  I use a variety of solution focused and coaching strategies to work with you to accomplish your goals.  Sessions are bi-weekly and stay very focused.  Homework is assigned each session.  

Long term:  This type of counselling is ideal if you have a number of issues that you want to work through or you are requiring extra support during a particularly challenging time.  I use a variety of tools to help you understand yourself better, support the change process,and increase your self-confidence.

Couples counselling:  In couples counselling you will have the opportunity to improve your relationship by working on the dynamic that happens between you.  I use a variety of assessment tools to assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship so that we can pinpoint the specific areas to focus on that will have the most impact on your relationship. 

EMDR:  This is one of only two types of therapeutic intervention officially approved by the World Health Organization for trauma.  It is a highly effective intervention for all age groups for PTSD, anxiety, addictions and chronic pain.